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What’s healthier for network performance monitoring? Active or Passive Monitoring or Both?

At NetVelocity, we believe both are complementary technologies, CSPs should be using both for an overall greater customer experience. In the telecommunications industry, there are two types of monitoring that are often touted to rule their respective sectors and are considered to ensure better performance of the communications networks: active testing and passive testing. Discussions [...]

New age telecom transition with Passive Monitoring enabling best-in-class network services

Have you ever wished to play some role in assisting your telecom operators to improve their carrier performance, network strength, data speed and internet services so that it is ultimately beneficial to you?  Well, with the NetVelocity app in your phone you can continuously share the real-time network parameters even when the application is idle [...]


Is your telecom network unable to meet the modern customer demands? Empower the network operations with constructive analysis based on NetVelocity’s Crowdsourcing.   As telecom companies continue to battle for customer loyalty, the key differentiator is the ability to provide subscribers with anticipated experiences across the various touch points and interaction channels they use. Therefore, [...]