Is your telecom network unable to meet the modern customer demands? Empower the network operations with constructive analysis based on NetVelocity’s Crowdsourcing.


As telecom companies continue to battle for customer loyalty, the key differentiator is the ability to provide subscribers with anticipated experiences across the various touch points and interaction channels they use. Therefore, understanding customer needs and behavior patterns is important for CSPs to align their efforts in the direction appreciated by their consumers. Tapping into stores of data to fuel innovation isn’t a new concept. Even long before the world could access unlimited streams of information with a few keystrokes, smart business leaders relied upon a variety of resources to make the decisions for driving business success. Ultimately, it is vital for every organization to leverage the power of data being generated at every step the business interacts with its customers.


Crowdsourcing – An emerging innovation in the telecom arena

Crowdsourcing is an emerging paradigm in innovation, problem-solving and knowledge acquisition where tasks are accomplished through analysis of the business data collected from a large and diverse crowd. In addition, mobile computing exploits the pervasiveness of smartphones for data collection, computation, and processing, in which the reliability and situation-awareness play an essential role. Since equipped with a wireless connection, a multitude of sensors, extendable memories, and powerful processors, smartphones make excellent end-terminals for measuring and transmitting real-time telecom network data. Passive measurements monitor core network interfaces and collect detailed performance statistics by merely observing existing traffic. Furthermore, an important characteristic of smartphones is the easy geo-localization possibility through the embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) unit. Thus, The presence of a precise positioning system, combined with human mobility allows for the collection and analysis of data for even the remotest of the locations.


Transform your telecom operations by leveraging the power of NetVelocity’s Crowdsourcing

NetVelocity’s Passive Monitoring feature enables an efficient crowdsourcing system, offering telecom operators a real opportunity to gain a complete picture of their operations and their customers and to further their innovation. With the crowdsourcing facilitated by the NetVelocity app, CSPs have the potential benefit of accessing timely measurement results which might be critical for identifying network issues. One of the biggest benefits of crowdsourcing performance measurements is the reduction in cost and human efforts compared to conducting drive tests. Here are some of the areas where CSPs can utilize the crowdsourced data collected using NetVelocity app –

  • Improving routing and quality of service by analyzing network traffic in near real-time
  • Analyzing call data records in near real-time to identify aberrant behavior
  • Allowing network engineers to analyze crowdsourced data to identify outage
  • Tailoring marketing campaigns to individual customers using massive location-based data
  • Utilizing insights into customer behavior and data usage to develop new plans

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