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Your wireless network analysis at a glance – even on the go!

Wi-Fi Analyser

Wi-Fi Analyser

Interference is one of the leading causes of poor connectivity and congestion in the network performance. This interference can be from other Wi-Fi devices due to poor channel planning (adjacent or co-channel interference) or could be from non-Wi-Fi interference sources. To monitor and identify the source of interference, NetVelocity provides Wi-Fi Analyser that helps users to monitor their wireless channel congestion status. The feature has an extensive list of tools that can be used for detecting slow wireless signals’ strength, channel graph and channel interference of all the available Wi-Fi networks. It also provides a visual representation of the Wi-Fi channels, along with network and cell information so as to check the stability of the network connection.  Key features of Wi-Fi Analyser are:

Wi-Fi Access Points

It displays a list of all current detected access points. For each access point, it displays its current channel, frequency, signal strength, and security settings. This also shows which AP you are currently connected to and the list is able to be sorted by its signal strength and SSID.

Channel Graph

This displays a graph view of all nearby detected Wi-Fi access points (APs). It draws each one as a color-coded parabola on the graph, which has a vertical scale for Signal Strength (dBm) and a horizontal scale for wireless channels (1-14). This view provides the most immediate visual feedback.

Time Graph

This view displays a color-coded running time graph of signal strengths and allows you to see how they’ve changed over time. There is a legend at the top of the screen that matches the AP names to their colors. You can tap any one of these names, and it will highlight the corresponding line graph so it stands out from the rest for easier viewing and comparison.

Wi-Fi Channel Rating

This displays all of the current channels of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and rates them on a scale of 0-10 stars. The feature gives the channel a star rating based on connection quality, and it will let you know if any other channels would be a better option. The higher the rating, the less congested and better the signal.


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