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WEB PERFORMANCE: Key Business Enabler enhancing User Experience

With NetVelocity’s Web Performance Test, gain a complete picture of how websites perform to improve the browsing experience!


The internet era that we live in has exposed us to a number of technologies and with the use of these technologies we can complete a number of tasks at just the click of a button. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle and proliferation of the use of smartphones and internet, users expect a smooth browsing experience wherein the websites they visit get easily loaded and as quickly as possible. However, a number of times the same users complain about a number of issues such as intermittent loading, distorted website graphics, and delayed transaction processing. All this results in increasing the frustration of users and the image of the telecom service provider or the particular website is defiled.


Web Performance is crucial for businesses and customers

The performance of a company’s websites, pages, and applications affect the business more than what the management would presume. As a result, top performing organizations consider the web performance not just as a nice-to-have service, but as a crucial feature of their offerings. Unfortunately, most organizations do not regularly test the performance and scalability of their web infrastructure and end up spoiling the customers’ experience of their web services, drifting them farther from their products and services. When enterprises understand that performance is the key to a great user experience and that delivering the best website experience to users is of paramount importance, slow and steady page-load times just won’t do. Thus, it is crucial to analyze the website’s speed on a regular basis. Not only does the good website speed increase the ranking in search engines like Google but also enhance customer engagement, retention, and conversion.


NetVelocity – Comprehensive Web Performance Testing app

As a solution to the above problem, NetVelocity provides an advanced solution called as the Web Performance Test. It allows the users to measure the web download times for a list of websites while they are connected to their data or Wi-Fi network. This helps them in analyzing the accurate performance-related metrics of the websites and detecting the exact reason for performance degradation. The result showcases the DNS resolution time, time to first byte and time to load, which helps in analyzing the website performance in depth. Additionally, the feature provides a default section which categorizes popular websites into multiple lists such as banking, e-Commerce, social media, and media & news, and shows the test result for all these default websites. The user can even add their desired URLs in the custom section to test their web performance. Thus, internet users and organizations alike can benefit from this innovative feature by –

  • Real-time website speed testing and analysis
  • Detecting poorly optimized websites and studying the loopholes
  • Downloading DNS resolution time, Time to Load (TTL), Time to First Byte (TTFB) reports
  • Simultaneously analyzing the performance of a list of websites and benchmarking
  • Assessing the performance of the network in use through real-time parameters


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