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Sluggish to Speedy – Unmask all the mobile network weak spots with Speed Test!

Inconsistency in the internet speed is one of the major issues that users face when they subscribe to any Wi-Fi internet provider or mobile data plan. With the NetVelocity app, the users can regularly test their internet speed and be assured that they are receiving good services from their operators. The app is equally useful to the telecom operators as well. Since telecom service customers get immensely frustrated even with a minor aberration or lag in the network, modern telecom operators need to make intelligent investments to improve internet speed, quality, and consistency. How can mobile users or operators analyze the performance of their network to uncover loopholes and service issues? NetVelocity’s Speed test provides an easy solution to this problem.


NetVelocity’s Speed Test options: Quick Test and Full Test

NetVelocity Speed test has two versions – Quick test and Full test. In case the users want to see just the upload/download speed and latency, they can perform a Quick test. While if they want to see additional details like jitter, packet loss, and web download times for Google, Facebook, and YouTube, they can use Full test. Following features are available in NetVelocity’s Speed test –

  • Facilitates accurate and detailed internet speed results on single tap
  • Provides access to the history of all the past tests to check consistency in speed
  • Allows sharing of the Speed test results via email and other messaging options
  • Displays the status and value of key coverage parameters


Not just your regular Speed Test app, NetVelocity is a unified network testing solution!

Speed Test

Internet usage has grown rapidly in the past few years. People spend most of their time surfing websites, downloading files, or watching videos, which is why network download and upload speed has become important for providing best-in-class telecom services to the consumers. The faster the speed, the better user can access information. NetVelocity’s Speed Test app measures internet connection quality through various parameters which provides information to the user about their internet streaming problems. Performing a speed test with NetVelocity helps users to invest in better network service and experience high-speed performance. Additionally, the telecom operators can benefit from numerous advantages of the NetVelocity Enterprise edition app. The Speed Test and other network analysis capabilities provided in NetVelocity Enterprise app are unparalleled to any other app in the market and are of state-of-the-art enterprise-class quality.

  • Ping test measures server acknowledgment time, jitter and packet loss
  • Throughput test measures upload, download and web download times
  • The fastest way to capture network, signal and devices parameters
  • Enables network, signal, location and device data synchronization
  • Employs automated nearest speed test server algorithm
  • Streamlined process for manual configuration of the test server
  • Coverage and KPI data visualization in layered GIS map
  • Reports based on various search criterions with filters

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