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Telecommunications Industry going the extra mile with these game-changing trends in 2019!

Telecommunications are imperative for our society and for the development since they connect the word in more ways than one. But this excellence and quality come with a great cost as well as an added responsibility of being a strong driver of the digital world. As subscribers, we are very tough on Telecoms because we wouldn’t accept even a millisecond of downtime or network stoppage, rather if it is possible, we would happily expect the service for free, wouldn’t we?

The near future comprises Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 5G, Machine Learning and Virtual Reality in store for us. The trust and the power of this dynamic business depend on strategic partnerships, democratized customer approaches, and fast innovation adoption. Telecoms are going the extra mile with the following game-changing trends –

Finest Content and Cross-Industry Alliance in Telecoms

Telecoms do not just want to stay restrained in the telecommunications industry offering voice and data services but they envisage to manage and offer exclusive and fine content. The world can soon witness that the Telco’s companies would soon own companies that are producing amusing content. And many telecommunication companies are profoundly motivated on investments in high-quality broadcasting content. An expanded portfolio of services is upright, but every expense incurred shall bring the calculated and the desired effects without hampering the organizational goals. Organizations are considering analytical CRM solutions which are smart enough to proactively come up with cross-selling prospects. This analytical method would facilitate telecoms to acknowledge their clients’ needs and requirements better and offer services based on their needs.

Unleashing the power of 5G

It is anticipated that the leading telecommunications industry players will empower and support 5G in between 2019-2021. Pursuing the G’s seems to be a good approach since every new wireless telecom see’s prospects for revenue growth. Traffic in the core networks is relatively going to increase because of the immense growth of mobile data and the adoption of 4K video and IoT (Internet of Things). However, the emphasis of the telecoms shall stay with the customer providing turn-key solutions to the businesses through integrated services and enhancing the customer journey throughout the whole lifecycle.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The main purpose of AR is empowering digital visualizations on real images. Various trendy games have come into picture making the user experience enriching and real. Smartphone users will be embracing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are also going to be used to reinforce the customer experience of businesses.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

These are the two newest concepts that have become prevalent recently. These two concepts will play an important role in the development of telecoms as they will facilitate in automating and enhancing back-office operations and trivial customer interactions. With customer service Chatbots and speech recognition services of customers, along with predictive maintenance, these are some of the services which are already doing the rounds across the globe.


Trends come and go which is why it is an advice for all telecoms to embrace new technologies and always stay prepared for digital transformation and disruption adoption. Businesses need to employ customer-focused and change-welcoming behaviour. These are some game-changing trends which telecoms need to adapt and be ready for.

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