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Reducing customer churn by promptly handling their network-related issues with NetVelocity’s Customer Care Solution!

It is undeniable that the level of satisfaction of customers of a company decides its fate. Unless a company is able to ensure an overall satisfied customer base, the chances of it sustaining in today’s cutthroat competitive environment are extremely dim. The market goodwill of the organizations nowadays is decided by how satisfied its customers are. This is the reason every company invests a major portion of its earnings in improving its customer service department. Unfortunately, even after investing millions in training customer service agents, the results are usually not as expected. This is why NetVelocity designed a unified solution named Customer Care module that troubleshoots customer’s network-related issues and provides exceptional customer satisfaction. The feature allows the end users to get the best possible solution for their network related problems, directly from the operator’s support team.

Real-time Issue Detection

NetVelocity’s Customer Care solution helps in detecting the actual cause of the network issue by running the speed test on customer’s device, which aids the customer care executive to capture user’s device location and network parameter values. The collected data further assists the executives to understand the exact reason of the problem faced by the customer and bridge the gap between the network operator and customer to resolve the issue in real-time.

Passive Data Collection to Proactively Capture Customer Issues

NetVelocity passively collects data in the backend to monitor and analyze network traffic. It provides the deepest and most transformative insights into overall network status by collecting and analyzing customer’s device as well as network information, which helps network operators to troubleshoot issues as soon as they appear. In addition, the functionality also helps telecom organizations to make more informed business decisions for future network planning. Therefore, NetVelocity’s Customer Care solution bridges the gap between the operators and customers thereby levelling up customer satisfaction.

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