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Rediscover Telecom with cutting-edge network analysis using NetVelocity app!

The telecom world and the mobile communication technology have undergone significant changes, and the evolution has been largely consumer-driven. With the increase in availability of low-cost bandwidth, mobile devices are now being used not just for communication, but also for web browsing with rich graphics, operating multiple mobile apps, and accomplishing online transactions. Security and speed are of paramount importance to the customer in today’s ultra-modern digital era. Mobile networks are also facing congestion due to the explosion of big data, the popularity of social media, and the advancement of the mobile revolution. The proliferation of real-time social media services and live video streaming platforms has been a significant enabler in sky-rocketing the mobile data usage of consumers and increasing the consumer expectations of the network.


Stressing over speed? Perform mobile speed test with NetVelocity app now!

In this advanced technological era, where everything happens at a lightning speed, fast and reliable network service is of prime importance. Mobile internet users are immensely frustrated even with a minor glitch or lag in the network. Therefore, modern telecom operators need to make intelligent investments to improve internet speed, quality, and consistency. How can mobile users or operators analyze the performance of their network to uncover loopholes and service issues? NetVelocity’s Speed test provides an easy solution in this respect. Speed test provides a detailed performance summary of the network being used, furnishing information such as signal strength, quality, upload/ download speed, jitter, latency, packet loss, and web download times for Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Using the result, the app user can determine performance gaps in the network and the required corrective action can be taken to improve the network.


Shedding some light on your telecom network performance with valuable insights

NetVelocity app generates invaluable insights into subscriber experience based on geographical location, demography, network parameters and others. Using the features such as passive monitoring and live drive capabilities, real-time network data is collected on a massive scale which is then mined to generate useful insights about network health. These useful insights shed light on the network competency, which helps in efficient decision making and aids the process of optimization, resource deployment, and scalability. Thus, this activity helps the telecom operators to efficiently plan the network for expansion and improvement.


The passive way to collect massive telecom data

NetVelocity is engineered with an inbuilt passive monitoring mechanism that automatically collects the network statistics from the application every hour to assess the network performance and status. The collected data is automatically synced with the server after every 24 hours. The feature is completely optional to use for the mobile users. Passive monitoring is instantiated every hour to collect the network parameters by checking the users’ GPS coordinates if they are more than 5 meters away from their previous location. The parameters captured are LTE, 3G and 2G, location and network type, and call events like call drop and handovers irrespective of the device condition. The application offers the facility to disable this feature by allowing synching only when connected to the Wi-Fi. Passive Monitoring saves the data in a log file of the device memory. It also records the instances whenever any device goes to no service mode. It is a useful approach, which is extremely valuable for CSPs in network troubleshooting.


Test your telecom network’s reliability at every location with Live Drive test

On-the-ground coverage performance is one of the most crucial aspects of NetVelocity app providing exclusive live drive test solution for enterprise customers. It allows RF engineers to execute live drive test on the work order or ad-hoc basis, assisting in live drive monitoring and post-drive analytics with report generation. This feature facilitates RF engineers to execute the pre-configured scripts or configure scripts to suit specific needs and sync the results in an automated fashion. It acts as a valuable tool for the operators to measure the performance of the network along a particular route. Thus, it assists operators to efficiently make critical network expansion and improvement decisions.

Telecom network analysis

Turn over a new leaf with holistic network analysis using NetVelocity app

NetVelocity is a unified application facilitating mobile device users and CSPs to perform holistic network monitoring and analysis for ensuring high-grade network quality. Here is a snapshot of the major functionalities offered by the app –

  • Supports speed test on multiple networks including LTE, 3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi, providing information such as upload and download speed, latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.
  • Real-time network traffic monitoring through automated data capture from the user’s mobile called as passive monitoring
  • Facilitates the operators with the Live Drive capability which can be used to test on-the-ground network performance along with a particular route
  • Analyzes the web download times for a number of websites and custom URLs, when connected to LTE or Wi-Fi using the Web Performance test
  • Helps to gain detailed information on available Wi-Fi access points, to compare and optimize the Wi-Fi channels using Wi-Fi Analyser
  • Complete network testing, analysis and diagnosis through multiple tests like Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup and Ports Scanner, using IP Tools app
  • Allows conducting network surveys, connectivity tests, and walk tests within the premises for coverage planning, measurement and optimization through In-Building


So, download the app now and finally stick a fork to all your network troubles!

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