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New age network testing for seamless mobile experience with IP Tools app!

Are you fed up with mobile network issues, unable to identify the root cause, and frustrated due to poor speed? Extensively examine your network with Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup and Ports Scanner tests provided by IP Tools app!


Internet networks are vulnerable to technology faults because of the increase in device congestion, sudden environmental disruption, and degradation over time. This results in poor internet connectivity, wherein the internet users have to face problems related to connection’s speed, reliability, and consistency. So, how can the users test the quality of their internet connection with ease? NetVelocity provides a suite of network tests which helps the users to identify network flaws and measure the efficiency of their connection. These network tests are useful applications that help users to test the performance of the network and collect substantive analytical information that acts as the basis to improve the connectivity.


IP Tools: An innovative approach to network testing

IP Tools by NetVelocity can be downloaded as a separate app; it combines the network tests such as Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup and Ports Scanner under a single portfolio. This set of network tests can be conducted by users on their mobile device to analyze, evaluate and improvise the internet connectivity. The most popular network testing utilities are now combined in a singular package, facilitating mobile users to get a clear and complete picture of the network condition. Following are the functionalities provided by each test –

  • Ping – Checks the connectivity with the host by testing whether packet has reached the destination address and measures the time for packet to reach host
  • Traceroute – Provides route details of the packet from source to destination host and calculates time for each hop to measure delays in IP network
  • DNS Lookup – Resolves DNS address to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and measures the time required to resolve DNS to IP
  • Ports Scanner – Provides the ability to test and probe a server or host for open ports

IP Tools - Network Testing app

The simplest network testing solution – Now in your hands!

IP tools app helps the users in auditing the internet performance through its various tools. The tests are completely user-friendly and can be used easily on the mobile device by downloading the app from the Play Store. Being prepared for unexpected issues is the key to successfully use the internet and other mobile services. Scanning or testing the performance using IP Tools help in uncovering flaws that can potentially weaken the network speed. IP Tools is the simplest testing tool available in the market for common users to troubleshoot network problems anytime and anywhere!

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