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INDOOR NETWORK TESTING: Capitalize on your In-Building network for maximum gains

Are your corporate clients leaving you due to poor indoor coverage?

With NetVelocity’s new age indoor network testing solution, plan, design and improvise In-Building coverage to offer best-in-class services.

NetVelocity's In-Building

Most of the wireless traffic, especially network data traffic, originates indoors. However, the wireless and mobile networks often provide inadequate coverage and download/upload capacity for indoor users. A number of network operators often share the same building, corporate block or residential premises to deploy their network infrastructure. For delivering fast and reliable cellular network coverage and performance to consumers, network operators need reliable signal measurements which help them to further optimize their In-Building deployments.


The significance of In-Building systems to the occupants and owners

Accurate testing of In-building systems is required before and after deployment to ensure that the network meets performance requirements. With the use of Coverage testing, it can be determined whether the signals are generated by owned equipment located in-building or on-campus, or by provider-owned equipment outside. This is a crucial aspect involved in the network and building management. Coverage testing begins with planning and continues with equipment setup, test execution, data analysis, and corrective action. After any major changes in the premises such as remodeling and construction, the testing process is repeated. The performance of a wireless network within premises has an effect on several metrics. Customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee satisfaction and retention, management process efficiency, and IT system performance are all influenced by network quality. Local governments often require in-building testing of wireless networks for public safety reasons, and for assuring regulatory compliance.


NetVelocity enterprise app provides an end-to-end In-Building testing solution

Economically viable In-Building solutions have become critical as mobile carriers expand their 4G LTE networks and begin planning 5G access solutions to meet the ever-increasing capacity requirements. In this respect, NetVelocity’s In-Building feature is an advanced indoor network testing, planning and designing solution to improve in-premises network coverage and internet connectivity, resulting into easy access of information & increased productivity. With NetVelocity, the following can be achieved for In-Building analysis –

  • Allows network engineers to conduct network tests and surveys within the premises
  • Assists in the evaluation, planning, design, deployment, and optimization of the indoor mobile network
  • Enables passive walk-test which helps in defining the way-points and then measuring important KPIs
  • Facilitates the creation of virtual floor plan through structural elements
  • Allows mapping the network performance at each location on the virtual floor plan
  • Supports work order management for in-premises coverage measurement

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