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Improve Video Streaming Performance of Telecom Networks with NetVelocity’s YouTube Analyzer

With the continuously growing popularity of video streaming applications, providing video streaming services with high Quality of Experience (QoE) is becoming the main concern for telecom operators. Network carriers with poor video streaming services often lead to disappointed customers. As per the recent surveys or studies, almost 45% of users discontinue taking the services of the network with the poor internet connection that causes slow streaming or buffering problem while playing videos online. To get rid of these streaming problems, NetVelocity designed a solution named YouTube Analyser that aids service providers to improve their network performance for better video streaming.


NetVelocity’s YouTube Analyser assists telecom operators to configure video test with details including execution date and time, number of iterations and video resolution, and conduct that test on end-user’s mobile device. The test captures the list of parameters during video test execution including download speed, buffering time, video stalling, and screen resolution, freezing ratio, load time, playback status and location at which the test is executed. This analysis will help CSPs to determine the root cause of the problem and improve their video streaming services. The feature provides a graphic representation of the video performance through colour indicators like “green” for good, “orange” for average, and “red” for bad.

Additionally, it saves test history comprising critical parameters captured during video test for future comparison and analysis. Therefore, NetVelocity’s YouTube Analyser is the best and convenient solution for network operators to improve the quality of video streaming over cellular as well as wireless networks.

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