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Gain near real-time visualization for the ongoing drive with NetVelocity’s Drive Test!

Leverage our end-to-end drive testing solution to enhance the customer experience


With the rapid development of telecom businesses, it is even more difficult and expensive to enhance networks in a traditional way due to the expanding network size, increasing types of services, and a growing number of users. Due to this, a lot of end users are facing network issues like slow internet speed, network congestion, call drops etc. It becomes quite challenging for telecom operators to identify the exact location where the customer is actually facing the network problem. To get over this situation, the operators need a revolutionary solution that helps them to identify the actual problem and improve their network performance, just like NetVelocity’s Drive Test.

The feature enables the service provider to conduct a drive test with the aim to identify the network strength in the travelled path by capturing network parameters. NetVelocity’s Drive Test has been developed to help the Communication Service Providers in delivering consistent customer experience and maintaining a competitive edge. It is an effective tool for the operators to measure on-the-ground performance of the network along a particular route.

Here are some network benefits telecom operators will get after using NetVelocity’s Drive Test:-
• Detect loopholes and measure bandwidth along the drive path
• Assess the mobile network’s coverage and Quality of Service (QoS) along the route
• Record KPI’s that gives near real-time insights enabling the operators to perform network analysis
• Identify the network strength and carrier performance
• Checks on-the-ground coverage performance of the network
Thus, NetVelocity’s Drive capabilities facilitate in analyzing the network performance, detecting loopholes, and measuring bandwidth along the drive path.

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