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Enterprise-class QoS/QoE network analysis enabling swift telecom services

Empower your telecom services with the most powerful mobile network testing app in the industry containing the most advanced tools for all your network analysis needs – NetVelocity!


Poor coverage, outages, and congestion in the network are common problems faced by consumers, which degrade the customer service experience. In today’s advanced technological age, customers demand reliable, efficient and responsive network 24×7. Telecom operators have started focusing a lot on reliability and speed of the internet services they provide, as the modern customer demands super-fast data speed without any failure. The technological advancements in network speed with the advent of 4G networks have brought about a remarkable change in the way internet data is being consumed. NetVelocity is an advanced unified mobile application that offers a host of features to help mobile device users and operators to measure and analyze the network performance. It is engineered with advanced test features that facilitate the users to measure the speed of their internet connection, provide feedback to their network operators directly, identify the optimal Wi-Fi available, get their network-based queries resolved and find a solution to their network issues through Customer Care. The enterprise edition of the NetVelocity app assists CSPs to gain complete visibility into the network performance through passive monitoring, drive capabilities and In-building features.


Additional benefits of using the NetVelocity app

This multipurpose tool collates inputs from multiple data sources such as the data received by measuring on-device user experience using which it provides near real-time insight into network coverage and customer experience. It harnesses modern technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate comprehensive network analysis and high-quality customer service. An advanced unified mobile app assisting in network analysis, monitoring, and improvement, NetVelocity provides the following key benefits:

  • Privacy and data security – Supports user privacy by maintaining the confidentiality of Personally Identified Information (PII) through client end data encryption and server-side data decryption
  • Dual SIM support – Facilitates the end-user to conduct speed test from both SIM cards in case of dual SIM phone by capturing and distinguishing data for primary and secondary SIM cards
  • Multi-tenancy support – Allows the integration of passive SDK with all enterprise apps, but runs passive monitoring only on the dominant app, supporting multi-tenancy and saving phone battery
  • Geo-location capturing – Enables the capturing of geo-location of user’s device based on the events user performs on phone, time intervals, and incoming and outgoing calls
  • RF information capturing – Captures user’s serving cell radio frequency information such as PCI, CGI, RSRP, and SINR as well as that of the neighboring cells
  • User-friendly GUI – NetVelocity facilitates the user with an easy to use graphical interface which allows utilizing the app features with increased effectiveness and usability
  • History feature – Stores the time span and summary for speed tests and network tests performed by the user to check stability and conformity
  • Map visualization – Plots real-time network data on the map in a variety of formats using indicative colors and intuitive visualizations for holistic network tracking, monitoring, and analysis
  • Multi-platform support – Supports all major devices on Android and iOS, wireless technologies such as 2G, 3G, LTE, and wireless carriers.


NetVelocity app – Panacea to all your telecom woes!

Network analysis

NetVelocity acts as a single platform to deliver satisfactory user experience for reliability and availability of better coverage and network. It is a one-stop solution for capturing comprehensive KPI parameters during tests and identification of all coverage issues. Enterprises are provided with a 360-degree insight into customer’s network experience, by capturing key Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) parameters, opening up gateways for further network improvisation.


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