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Drive Testing – Near real-time visualization and analysis for the ongoing drive

Discover the cause of network coverage issues by using NetVelocity’s Drive Test!

Drive Testing

How exasperating, tedious and head-cracking it can be if you are in the middle of an important call and the line abruptly gets cut due to poor network coverage. There are endless complaints about poor network coverage performance faced by the customers which remain unattended; it becomes quite challenging for the network operators to gauge the exact location where poor network coverage, failure or outage takes place. The NetVelocity app provides Drive Testing feature through which facilitates near real-time visualization and analysis for the ongoing drive and allows them to detect the problems faced by the user.


NetVelocity‘s Drive Testing is an efficient way to evaluate the network. Analyses made through the information of data collected in the field represent a true picture of network conditions and can be used in decision making in several areas, from planning and design through optimization and maintenance of the system, always with the goal of maximizing Quality, Capacity, and Coverage in the Network.


With the growing exposure to customer churn, operators need to try and do everything in their power to enhance the performance of their networks and make it certain that operational efficiency is maximized. With NetVelocity’s Drive Testing Solution, network operators can perform in-depth analyses of network performance while accomplishing their economic as well technical goals.


NetVelocity Drive test facilitates users with various benefits such as:

  • Enables the user to conduct a drive test in order to identify the network strength and carrier performance
  • Checks on-the-ground coverage performance of the network which detects the exact location where the network is falling
  • Records KPI which gives near real-time insights enabling the operators to perform analysis of network

Thus, along with near real-time visualization, KPI’s are also captured and all KPI measurements are used to generate quick reports and perform the analysis.


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