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Get a detailed and precise view of the indoor network with NetVelocity’s In-Building solution!

Has your organization’s workforce productivity hampered due to poor network connectivity within your organization’s premises or are there network issues with the limited indoor network? Test and conduct an indoor network coverage with NetVelocity’s advanced In-Building solution.


Tall-buildings, corporate houses, skyscrapers, and multistorey apartments have this common network congestion as a pertinent issue blocking their internet connectivity and making their lives difficult 24*7, especially in this tech-savvy age. Everyone experiences dropped calls or very poor to non-existent data speeds more frequently than coverage maps would indicate should occur. The reason is the coverage maps refer to outdoor signal level, not the signal level experienced indoors or in vehicles. Double glazing, foil backed insulation, thick stone or concrete walls all reduce indoor signal levels, often to the point that mobile devices have very poor or no indoor signal. With NetVelocity‘s In-building solutions, users can get a detailed and precise view of the indoor network where signals from the core infrastructure are not reachable at times. It is of keen interest to network providers that are seeking enhanced delivery of services to their core clients in the most demanding signal environment. The conventional distributed antenna systems based on the In-building solution has moved its main focus from providing good signal coverage inside a building towards increasing the capacity for bandwidth-consuming services such as data-centric services. Currently, several buildings and commercial areas are already availing of NetVelocity’s In-building solutions. In order to keep up with the pace of contemporary technologies, customers want to communicate wirelessly without any drops in the communication.


Nevertheless, it is becoming a supreme requirement of the customers to access uninterrupted network at all times and wherever they may be. According to research, 82 % of network congestion originates within a building. Universally In-building wireless coverage has become as vital to our buildings as water and electricity. NetVelocity’s In-Building test is an exclusive indoor testing solution for enterprises empowering RF engineers to execute various tests for in-premises coverage measurement and planning utility. It is one of the exclusive features of NetVelocity, as it facilitates to measure and analyze the network within the buildings by creating and drawing floor plans and performing tasks. It conducts passive walk test and throughput tests, synchronizes data on the server and generates reports. With an estimation of more than 80% of mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building universally.

In-Building network testing

NetVelocity’s In-building Network Testing solution facilitates planning and conducting passive walk-test by defining the waypoints, collecting various network details, and KPI statistics. It creates detailed floor plans and associates structural elements or import floor plans and conducting walk tests for in-premises coverage measurement and planning utility. By offloading traffic from high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, crowded stadiums and hotel conference rooms, the In-building solution can make a dramatic difference to the highly complex problems. Nonetheless, to encapsulate NetVelocity’s In-Building solution has unprecedented benefits that are performed by the test, such as:

  • Indoor network testing
  • Synchronizes data on the server
  • Generates reports
  • Easy floor plan creation


NetVelocity’s In-Building feature is an advanced indoor network testing solution to improve in-premises network coverage and internet connectivity, resulting in easy access to information and increased productivity.

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