The race to put new digital technologies at the service of customers has already transformed many industries, including media and entertainment, financial services, retail, and healthcare. However, the telecom industry that began the digital revolution is now at perils of its own creation and has not remarkably reaped the benefits of end-to-end digitization. With the NetVelocity app, CSPs can create a seamless digital communication and customer service channel using multiple features such as Feedback, Customer Care, and Chatbot.


After decades of expansion, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face market saturation and high levels of customer churn. Retaining current customers and selling new products and services is essential for growth while reducing costs through digital support is needed to improve margins amid increasing competition. Meeting these ongoing challenges requires a deep understanding of the services and offerings that are most critical to influencing overall customer satisfaction. Improved customer service represents an opportunity for CSPs to retain their own customers, acquire new ones from competitors, and build the confidence required to sell new products and services to existing customers. Companies are learning that digitization is no longer just a way to lower costs and boost productivity, but a means to offer delightful, compelling, digital experiences across all channels, leading to real top-line growth.

Opportunities arising from customer service digitization for telecom players

Given this pressing need of digitization, it is especially ironic that the industry that provides the backbone for digitization — telecommunications — has been slow to digitize its customer service operations or to benefit from this evolution. Instead of sitting at the heart of the transformation, they’ve remained largely on the outside looking in, as other industries reap the benefits. That reflects a missed opportunity. Operators that can’t provide the benefits of digitization risk losing out on this critical opportunity entirely, and being reduced to competing with one another on price alone — a source of considerable danger for operators. CSPs should consider simplifying their products and processes to make digital support channels more attractive. Fixing such problems may also reduce customer churn. A poor self-service experience may do more harm to customer retention. Rather than try to move as many customers as quickly as possible to digital service channels, CSPs must consider which of their customers and services best fit the digital self-service model. They can also use data about service usage and service failures to better predict and prevent failures.


NetVelocity app – Holistic solution enabling a seamless digital communication and service channel

The mobile experience must be at the heart of the Omni-channel strategy, given how quickly smartphones and tablets have transformed how people interact with friends, retailers, and the media. The users want a simple accessible solution, preferably a single app instead of a multitude that serve different purposes and only confuse customers. In this respect, NetVelocity app provides an end-to-end communication channel to address and resolve customers’ concerns. It empowers the CSPs to personalize the consumer experience, ensuring that customers are instantly recognized with their previous interaction histories, and sales and service offerings customized accordingly. This assists in the development of targeted advertising campaigns and recommendations, personalized products and services, and cross and upselling opportunities. Following features of the NetVelocity app, help CSPs develop a coherent and effective customer service strategy –

  • Customer Care – Provides a relevant solution to customers on network issues through operator’s voice support team using background speed test and location-based web server analytics
  • Feedback – Allows customers to rate the voice, data and coverage services of their operator through the NetVelocity app and provide details about the network issue faced
  • Chatbot – Enables personalized and automated chat messages to customers using a self-service agent to solve queries and provide information on carrier call rates, tariffs, monthly plans, etc.

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