NetVelocity – Network Management

NetVelocity is an advanced unified mobile application for mobile device users and operators assisting in network monitoring, analysis, and improvement while gaining real-time insights.

  • Measures network performance where it matters, on the device
  • Gain near real-time coverage metrics to maintain a high-quality network
  • Drive monitoring and post drive analytics with report generation
  • Passive monitoring, competitive benchmarking, and in-building services

What is NetVelocity?

NetVelocity is an advanced unified mobile application that offers a host of features to help mobile device users and operators to measure and analyze the network performance. It is engineered with advanced test features such as customer care, passive monitoring, and feedback and understands the overall network health.

This multipurpose tool collates inputs from multiple data sources such as the data received by measuring on-device user experience using which it provides near real-time insight into network coverage and customer experience. It harnesses modern technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate comprehensive network analysis and high-quality customer service.


Captures advance parameter sets of network and signal which can be used to measure, visualize and analyze the network performance along with CSFB and VOLTE call stats. It supports locking capabilities that enable the user to capture data on a specific band, frequency or technology.


Leverages user data which is collected through the various network and background tests to gain 360-degree insight into customer’s network experience, facilitating operators to analyze and visualize this data on the web server.


Provides a holistic overview of network performance by passively monitoring and capturing Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and 2G network parameters, location, and network type, like device state even when the application is idle or closed.


ChatBot allows operators to provide personalized service to each user in answering network related questions and telecom services using machine learning. By analyzing customer’s previous interactions with the operator, it provides customized recommendations and solutions.

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