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Reducing customer churn by promptly handling their network-related issues with NetVelocity’s Customer Care Solution!

It is undeniable that the level of satisfaction of customers of a company decides its fate. Unless a company is able to ensure an overall satisfied customer base, the chances of it sustaining in today's cutthroat competitive environment are extremely dim. The market goodwill of the organizations nowadays is decided by how satisfied its customers [...]

Measure, compare and share your network performance using NetVelocity’s Multi-technology support!

The NetVelocity application offers the users the services of multi-technology support that facilitates the users in accessing various functionalities of the app on Android as well as iOS devices. The users have the facility,   As per statistics, there are about 2.5 billion active Android devices, 1.2 billion active iOS devices and 2.8 billion total [...]